This is Sullivan Mercantile

We craft everyday elegance.

When so many items in a home will be in service for years and for decades, why should they be mundane?

Sullivan Linen Tea Towel

We craft  home décor that is carefully conceived and thoughtfully designed. And built with skill to ensure that our décor lasts not just decades, but a lifetime.

That's because at Sullivan Mercantile, we believe in the elegant home. Not the expensive home, but the elegant home.

Sullivan Mercantile sits within a family of artists that spans time. And that line ends with the home artist, for whom the home is the canvas.

Take, for example, our Sullivan Loire Linen Tablecloth.

A Loire Valley tisserand wove a beautiful arboreal tapestry in bold primaries and gold in the fifteenth century, the design of which was later discovered by a Moldovan textile artist who built her arboreal interpretation into a relaxed, heavy-weight jacquard linen.
Our merchant tailor discovered her jacquard linen and brought it to us where we built a tablecloth that gently evokes a place and time at which the table was revered.
Which is now discovered by an home artist, the artist for whom the home is his canvas, who drops the Sullivan Loire Linen Tablecloth on to his table where it brings pleasure.
And where it will bring pleasure for years and years to come.

This is what we call everyday elegance: home décor carefully conceived, thoughtfully designed, and built with skill to bring pleasure for a lifetime.

jacquard linen in sewing machine

We hand-craft for exceptional quality.

Every Sullivan Mercantile product is hand-crafted by an artisan. Whether a Sullivan Mercantile sewing professional, a protégé woodworker, or a paper artist, our every product is hand-crafted by a technician of superior skill.

We source justly; we up-purpose excess luxury.

Sullivan Mercantile has passion for the textile. Fine, unique, thrilling textiles are the foundation our work and nothing excites us more than a perfect fabric dropping to the work table.

Our merchant tailor sources some of the finest, the most interesting, and the most luxurious textiles available, using several sourcing processes.

Carefully-fostered relationships with New York design and construction houses provide our clients with the highest-quality luxury textiles available, up-purposed and keeping this excess luxury from New York landfills.

Sullivan Mercantile textile collection

Up-purposed excess luxury, the foundation of our retail product, is also available to clients of Custom by Sullivan Mercantile in a system benefitting both the client and the environment.

All our textiles are sourced justly, created by people who are paid equitable wages and who work in a comfortable, safe environment.

We leave a light footprint.

Sullivan Mercantile is located in Jeffersonville, New York, and is committed to environmental care at every step of product creation and sale. Many of our foundational textiles are up-purposed from New York, New York, and transported efficiently to us. Our proprietary Sullivan Throw Pillow inserts are hand-crafted and filled with up-cycled fabrics shredded in Brooklyn, New York.

All Sullivan Mercantile sewing professionals and artisans live in upstate New York and work either in the home or at our atelier.

Sullivan Mercantile product is packaged in biodegradable materials and is shipped in a process drafted to minimize the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials.

This is Sullivan Mercantile.

And this is Sullivan Mercantile. We craft everyday elegance; we hand-craft for exceptional quality; we source justly and up-purpose excess luxury; we leave a light footprint.

We look forward to you, the home artist, joining the line of artists in which Sullivan Mercantile is so proud sit.

Mark McLaren
Sullivan Mercantile