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The Sullivan Whiskey Set

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As translucent as an Adirondack mountain stream and as weighty as an oath. The Sullivan Whiskey is the art-piece destined to transport the very finest of spirits.

Of Turkish silica-based lead-free glass, The Sullivan Whiskey is perfectly proportioned for utility and beauty. A simple cylindrical silhouette breaths a quiet confidence. A distinguished high-wasted sham anchors the vessel with surety.

In the hand, The Sullivan Whiskey is exquisitely at home; as warm and comfortable in the palm as is the hand clasp of a cherished friend.

The Sullivan Whiskey, modestly emblazoned with the icon recognized for quiet luxury, sits assuredly in the spirits cabinet until called to duty. 

A duty The Sullivan Whiskey performs with an audacious serenity.

The Sullivan Whiskey is available exclusively from Sullivan Mercantile.


Product Information

The Sullivan Whiskey Set includes two whiskey rocks glasses.

 Each lead-free vessel has the following dimensions:

     Weight: 14 oz.

     Capacity: 7.25 oz.

     Height: 3.5 inches

     Diameter: 3.0 inches