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The Sullivan One Million Cards Packet

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"I don't remember the sweater my grandma gave me, but I remember her words.

I have them saved, her words, forever, in a card.

That is special. Words are special. My Grandma's words are special." 

And thus the inspiration for Juliana Crawford's One Million Cards project, a fascinating artistic endeavor to provide the very special vessel for the special words of special people.

Each art card in The Sullivan One Million Cards five-card packet is a single work of art, never to be replicated by either the artist or by another entity.

Each one-of-a-kind work is artist-titled, location-identified and catalogued with its unique One Million Cards catalogue number.

Ms. Crawford posses a keen eye for color, light and texture. Her work is both strikingly detailed and calmly balanced.  

Crawford's art chronicles her extensive travels, whether near her home in New York's Sterling Forrest or throughout the United States.

Be a part of art history with an investment in Juliana Crawford's One Million Cards project.

Sample Sullivan One Million Cards images in this description, by Juliana Crawford:

Turning, OMC Catalogue #774

Fall Rose, OMC Catalogue #601

A Moment to Pause, OMC Catalogue #893

Golden, OMC Catalogue #833


Farm Arts Collective

Sullivan Mercantile Sustainability Sponsor Charity 2021

One Dollar is donated to Farm Arts Collective for every One Million Cards packet purchased during the year 2021

Farm Arts Collective is a farm-based community hub where art and performance intersect with agrarian and ecological ideas.  The Farm Arts Collective is home to workshops, performance, meals and special events that engage community members in education and creative practice that deepen connection to place and each other.

Farm Arts Collective makes its home in its large greenhouse centrally located at Willow Wisp Organic Farm, a solar-powered organic vegetable farm serving the Catkills, northeast Pennsylvania and New York City. 

Farm Arts Collective is Sullivan Mercantile Sustainability sponsor charity 2021. 

Learn more about Sullivan Mercantile Sustainability program and Farm Arts Collective here.


Product Information


     5" x 7" 


     5.25" x 7.25"

Note: Each Sullivan One Million Cards packet contains five original art cards by Juliana Crawford. Image representations within this description are not the images found in additional packages.


Artist Juliana Crawford

   Artist Juliana Crawford