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The Sullivan Farm House Mirror

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The Sullivan Farm House Mirror sits at the intersection of utility, beauty and scarcity.

An exclusive design from Thistle Creations, The Sullivan Farm House Mirror is constructed from rare, original hardwood farm stall containment mechanisms.

Thistle Creations has procured hardwood mechanisms from dairy farms across New England and transformed pieces of Northeast history into individual, one-of-a-kind works of art.

The Sullivan Farm House Mirror synthesizes with any decor from contemporary to country, industrial to farm house. A compelling conversation piece in any room from entry hall to kitchen, bath to dining room.

Each Sullivan Farm House Mirror is unique. Original hardwood containment mechanism is built of popular woods available to the New England farm such as maple, oak and ash. 

Each piece is individually hand prepared. A gentle staining process reveals the original wood's warm color and rich past.

The Sullivan Farm House Mirror by Thistle Creations is a piece you will cherish for years.


Catskill Animal Rescue

Sullivan Mercantile Responsibility Sponsor Charity 2021

Ten Dollars are donated to Catskill Animal Rescue for every Sullivan Farm House Mirror purchased during the year 2021

Dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding abused, homeless and abandoned animals forever homes, Catskill Animal Rescue also informs the public about and advocates for proper animal care and training. CARE is located in Sullivan County's Liberty, New York. 

Catskill Animal Rescue is Sullivan Mercantile Responsibility sponsor charity 2021. 

Learn more about Sullivan Mercantile Responsibility program and Catskill Animal Rescue here.



Product Information


     Repurposed hardwoods including maple, oak and ash

     Forged iron hardware


Dimensions - varies slightly with unit

     Height 60"

     Top 15.5"

     Base 15.5"

     Depth 3.5"

     Weight 25 lbs

Dimensions Fixed-Top Variant - varies slightly with unit

     Height 55"     


     Top 22.5"

     Base 13"

     Depth 3.5"    

     Weight 25 lbs