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The Sullivan Bandh Flannel

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Four thousand years before Christ, textiles were fashioned for important occasions with the Bandhani technique - a gathering of fabric in a "tie" to be modified with pigment.

Now fifty years after Janice Joplin, designer Steven Eliades revisits the ancient Indian technique with his Bandh Flannel collection, designed exclusively for Sullivan Mercantile.

The Sullivan Bandh Flannel is exquisite winter comfort curated in StevenE blues, pale greens and mauves. 

Each Sullivan Bandh Flannel is unique, its gentle kaleidoscope of color carried on the softest and most luxurious cotton flannel.

The Sullivan Bandh Flannel is perfect for whatever winter activity awaits, whether chopping wood or lounging with a book and rye.

Steven Eliades continues to be inspired by the fashion ubiquitous with Woodstock, the site of which sits just miles from his upstate home.

As you prepare for the winter months ahead, include The Sullivan Bandh Flannel.


Product Information

     100% cotton

     Button closure chest pockets

     10.5 ounces

     Unisex comfort fit

     Machine washable

     A product of StevenE Designs