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They talk of Humanity

As if they'd just invented it;

Dorothy Parker is unchallenged in her witty, insightful, take-no-prisoners commentary on American life, culture and its various societies.

DP by Sullivan curates the very best, the most pithy observations from the iconic New York writer.

'They talk of Humanity' includes six note cards with succinct individual Parker commentaries on the office, actors, purple, invitations and silence.

In 1917 Parker began her Hate Song series, publishing Men: A Hate Song in The New Yorker magazine.

Parker's poetry would be published by every major literary magazine and heralded by critics for all the decades of her famous and infamous life.

DP by Sullivan is manufactured in Sullivan County New York of 100% recycled materials. An exclusive offering of Sullivan Mercantile, DP by Sullivan uses absolutely no plastic materials in either its packaging or shipping.

DP by Sullivan is sold exclusively by Sullivan Mercantile.



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