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Infinity Home Cleansing Towel Set

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Thirteen billion pounds of paper towels are consumed by and disposed of by Americans each year.

The Infinity Home Cleansing Towel five-towel set is the last "paper" towel that you will ever need.

  • 100% heavy-weight, durable broadcloth cotton in Sullivan grey
  • Machine washable/stain resistant
  • Decorative edging in deep brown and sunshine yellow
  • Beautiful and highly functional

Use this handsome, permanent cleaning article just as you would a traditional paper towel. Dry your hands, clean spills and wipe up messes.

Then toss the Infinity Home Cleansing Towel into your washing machine. Each Infinity Home Cleansing Towel will standup to hundreds of washings and will last for years and years.

The Infinity Home Cleansing Towel five-towel set exploits cotton's vigor, utilizing the porous broadcloth weave's cleansing properties.

The Infinity Home Cleansing Towel five-towel set brings gracious, environmentally-friendly function to your home. 

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Product Information

     5 single-ply cotton towels 

     100% heavy-weight cotton broadcloth 

     Decorative edging in deep brown and sunshine yellow

     14.0" x 11.0 "

     0.85 lbs

     Machine washable, tumble dry