Spring is in the air...and in the kitchen

Yesterday was an exciting day! It was the first day of spring with welcome sunshine and warmth after a winter long, pensive winter.

Between walks with Philipp to enjoy the fresh air, we turned the house upside down photography equipment and a set of newly delivered linen tea towels.

And though Philipp would rather have the camera focused on himself, I think he was pleased with the new offering.

I was thrilled.

Last year, I read a disturbing article in The Atlantic on plastics and recycling.

In a nutshell, plastic recycling is a myth and less than ten percent of plastics ever produced have been recycled. Google "plastic recycling myth" to find extensive reporting from solid news organizations.

So Philipp and I, in our stay-at-home solitude and like many I'm sure, set out to eliminated plastics from our homes.

First, we worked on (and perfected I might add) a DIY liquid laundry detergent, most of the components of which are delivered in either cardboard or glass. (I need to find Castile-style soap delivered in glass.)

We moved on to simple and effective DIY home cleaning products made exclusively from natural components delivered in either cardboard or glass. I learned about cleaning vinegar, and I'm glad I did!

We even pick up Philipp's business with new sandwich-sleeve style waxed paper bags.

And we eliminated paper towels from our homes, replacing them with natural-fiber cloths.

The result is wonderful! I feel great about using products that do not include plastic as a containment method. (I've taken this to the extreme - i LOVE cottage cheese, but until its delivered in glass OR I can make at home, it's out. Ditto egg noodles & Greek yogurt.) 

But also, my homes are beautifully clean! Freshly, naturally, beautifully clean!

Philipp doesn't let on, but I think he's secretly thrilled.

So yes, yesterday was an exciting day! With our new offering, the company is doing our small part in the big push for a greener home, a more natural home and a cleaner environment.

It is a happy spring!